Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Circle Is Now Complete

So some friends of mine and I went out to take in "Revenge of the Sith" last night. It was fun to go see the "last" Star Wars movie with the same people whom I’d seen some of the old movies 20 some years ago.

I won't bore you with a full review. That’s available elsewhere. I will tell you that it was a good flick. Well worth the price of admission. Here's what I liked, didn't like, and what were nitpicks. Detailed spoilers follow, so be warned.
- Very nice opening sequence. Kind of a space version of the long shots in Goodfellas and Boogie Nights.

- Ian McDiarmid owns every scene he's in.

- Yoda still rocks. Love how he takes out the Imperial Guard.

- Not for kids. I'd venture that those under 10 will ask too many questions, questions that I wouldn’t want to answer, about what Anakin did to the Jedi Kids.

- John Williams does a tremendous job with the score.

- I didn't buy into the scene where Anakin becomes Darth. I didn't think Sidious closed the deal. Sure, it fit the plot and made sense, but it was very weak. Couldn't Padme have been coughing or something to make Anakin think her danger was greater than just his dream? Hell, Grevious coughed enough.

- George Lucas just had to work in midichlorians again to stick it to us, right?

- So, it takes 20 years to build the first Death Star, but only a few to build the second?

- Was there any reason to have the Wookies in there other than to placate the fans? They did nothing to advance the story.

- I got chills hearing Vader breathe for the first time.

- So, how does Leia have memories of her mother?

- Why no more detail on how Yoda and Qui-Gon are now able to communicate? And I guess that this is the immortality that Sidious spoke of, not realizing that it was of the non-corporeal type.

- And, finally. I called the closing shot 6 years ago, albeit with the wrong people in the scene. I guessed it would have been Obi-Wan walking off into the twin suns, not Owen, Beru and Luke. A great tie-in to the similar shot with Luke shot from "Star Wars: A New Hope."

My guess is that the fans embrace this one and it does $500 million domestically. Nice work, George.

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