Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Goof Keeps Rolling

You just knew the Cubs were in trouble when Korey Patterson was doubled off second base in the first inning. Sure, only 7 people saw it because of Comcast's lack of access to an extra cable channel, but if you heard it on the radio you knew this was a harbinger.

Korey seems to do this every few months. He hits a big homer and then goes into a funk. Just last year he launched a ball in Colorado on August 5th, then went 0-9 with 6Ks. He recovered and heated up for a few weeks. Then, he tailspun for the last 5 weeks of the year.

Well, we fans can deal with streaky players. What this page can't stand is streaky players with streakier mouths. Korey had a chance to change some opinions about his pre-meditated assault on umpire Bob Davidson. Instead, he solidified them. Korey was quoted in today's Trib about the incident:

"I know how people can take that, but I know what was going on in my head, what I'm thinking. At some point, you have to say 'Enough is enough.' I'm not a hothead. You probably won't see that again for who knows how long?

Do I regret it now? Yeah, obviously. But at the time, no.

No matter who you are in this world, you have to stick up for yourself. Whether it's baseball or everyday life or whatever. By me throwing that helmet, I felt better for myself.

A lot of people know the type of person I am. I don't say a lot, and I go about my own business. But a lot of people take it as 'Corey doesn't care. You can do whatever you want to Corey. Just tell him you'll do this, or do that.'

No! Sometimes you have to voice your opinion and let them know or else people will walk all over you."

So, what Korey's saying is that the umpires are out to get him. The way to reverse this is to throw a helmet in disgust. That'll get the umps to give Korey the respect he's due.

But the best part is the regretting but really not regretting it part. Korey says that doing the selfish thing and making himself feel better was the right move. No matter what the consequences for the team.

I sure hope his teammates don't adopt this attitude.

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