Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Just Monty Halling

With the next 5 games against the two worst road baseball teams in the history of time, the Cubs look to go as much as 4 games over .500 (although 2 over is more likely). The pitching remains strong. The offense is still horrid. And Korey only injured himself on his kamikaze run into Burnitz in right field.

Jim Hendry needs to decide which season he's playing for: 2005 or 2006?

I still play for 2005.

Who knows how long Prior and Zamboni's arms will stay attached. Maddux is still good for quality starts 2 of every three times out.

Sergio Mitre's trade value just expanded exponentially. Jason DuBois keeps campaigning for a trade to the DH league.

There are options to trade that don't have to include the compete roster of the Diamond Jaxx.

Let's make some deals. Leadoff. Left Field. Short Stop. Closer.

I've added links to the MLB rosters and stats of the teams that are the clear sellers this season. Scan them. Whom should Hendry target?

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