Monday, May 23, 2005

People's Exhibit B and C

For those of you on the "Fire Dusty" bandwagon, of which I am on and off depending on my mood, look no farther than Saturday's and Sunday's game to understand why the problems with this team are mostly not his fault.

Zamboni pitches his butt off only to see the bullpen blow the game. Sure, the bullpen could have been helped if Korey Patterson keeps his glove open (if you aren't going to hit Korey, you better play plus defense -- and that was minus defense), but the pen decided that losing 2-1 wasn't enough.

So, Sunday comes and Mark Prior tosses 126 pitches for his first complete game in 2 years. He also tosses a big middle finger at the boys sitting on the left field foul line.

That finger was aimed somewhere else, too. At Jim Hendry. As in, "Get a live arm or two in the pen and we won't see our arms fall off!"

If you want to bash Baker, go right ahead. Want to do it for high pitch counts by his starters, that's just dumb. What's Baker's option? Keep losing because he has a lousy bullpen?

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