Tuesday, May 24, 2005

When 3-3 Isn't, and 1-4 Is

Once again, the truth is buried by the box score. Sure, Korey went 3-3 and hit a home run. But he also got picked off and nearly decapitated Jeromy Burnitz on a play that was Burnitz's all the way. As far as I'm concerned, pick offs (and caught stealings) should subtract from a player's OBP and slugging averages while steals should be additive to slugging (as an extra base).

Then, we look to the heir apparent. Felix Pie was suffering last night. Going into the ninth inning, he took an 0-3. To make it worse, his team was being shut out. He'd done nothing to help his team offensively. And going to waste was Diamond Jaxx left-hander Carmen Pignatiello's no hitter. Pignatiello took the no-no to two outs in the ninth before giving up a seeing eye single. He finished the inning and the night allowing 1 hit, 3 walks and 11 strikeouts.

The game went extra frames.

With one out in the bottom of the tenth, Pie stepped up to the plate. Here's a guy who's barely 20 years old. He has never hit more than 8 homers in a season in three minor league seasons, yet he already had 9 homers this year.

Well, Pie launched a ball 400 feet and won the game for the Jaxx 1-0. That was his tenth homer.

This kid can't develop fast enough for me.

Graves Humor

So, Mike Remlinger is probably headed to the DL with a bad arm (dunno if there's anything physically wrong other than it's just bad right now). The Trib reports that the Cubs are interested in Danny Graves.

His stats? 18.1 innings, 30 hits, 12 walks, 8 K's.

Oh, and the league is hitting .357 off of him.

This is a guy that would put Korey Patterson on base.

For anything over the waiver price, this would be a catastrophic mistake.

Pass. Like a kidney stone.

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