Friday, May 27, 2005

With Mark Prior headed to the DL (in case you just woke up -- yes, the x-ray was negative but the MRI showed a fracture), the season is over. There's no way that Jim Hendry, even were he inclined, can acquire the pieces needed to make a playoff run with this team.

Fiscal 2006 begins tomorrow.

Time to be a seller. Of anyone and anybody if the price is right.

Who should go? Anyone with a high salary who is a free agent.

Todd Walker
LaTroy Hawkins
Greg Maddux
Kerry Wood (get him healthy and move him)
Mike Remlinger
Korey Patterson (you thought I forgot him!)

Hell. Even Mike Barrett if the price is right.

Also to be considered should be Jason DuBois if he brings in pieces that can win in 2006. Don't let Billy Wagner go to a contender 'cause you'll need him next year.

Also, look at the pictures on the post below. That's the best things you'll be seeing on a Cubs blog for a long time.

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