Monday, June 20, 2005

Back To Normal

If you are still paying attention to the Cubs (I was sparred having to watch much of the snooze-fest the Cubs put on), it look as if several moves are in the making the next 10 days.

First, Mark Prior will likely be back by this time next week. The Cubs are clearly desperate for some mojo and plan to have Prior go in a simulated game, then be activated. No rehab stint at Iowa for him.

Second, Kerry Wood continues to perform to expectations in the minors. While he was up to 69 pitches, it only took him 4 innings to reach that level. He gave up two runs, four hits, walked three, hit a batter and struck out six. Yawn...

Third, there will be some roster moves this week. With Jerome Williams set to pitch Tuesday night against the Milwaukee Brewers, and Prior and Wood coming back, at least two guys from the bullpen need to go. Expect Cliff Bartosh to be sent down, and, it certainly seems that Joe Borowski will be released or designated for assignment. This is sad for Joe, but best for the team.

Summing all this up, what does it mean for a team that's 1 game over .500, has lost 8 of its last 12, and has only won one series out of its last four?


None of these moves fix the fundamental problems with this team. Until the combination of problems which include leadoff hitter, center field, and corner outfield are settled, the team will go nowhere (shortstop is quickly becoming a problem, too).

On the plus side, the calls for Dusty's ouster will start to grow. On the minus side, Jim Hendry still sits. 362 days ago, Houston acquired Carlos Beltran. In 1984, Rick Sutcliffe was acquired on June 13th. Dennis Eckersley was acquired on May 25th.

Early moves help.

Last year, Hendry snoozed until July. His Cubs lost.

Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are bound to repeat those mistakes.

Keep the faith until July 31? Please.

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