Monday, June 20, 2005


So, the Talkback comments got me thinking. Who is the best looking "Catwoman" in TV/Movie history? The nominees are....

       Halle Barry                Julie Newmar           Ertha Kitt               

        Micelle Pfeiffer                             Lee Meriwether

Personally, Halle Berry should be eliminated. Beyond the fact that she's the only one still under 40, her movie wasn't a Batman movie. Oh, and it was putrid.

Ertha Kitt gets bonus points for her natural "purr" and her name which fits the part. Michelle Pfeiffer is probably the weakest of the crowd. But, black vinyl is always welcome.

That leaves it up to Julie Newmar and Lee Merwether. While I like Lee, Julie was my first "Cat" love.

I saw her a few years ago with Adam West in a guest shot on some NBC sitcom. Still had the legs....

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