Sunday, June 26, 2005

Deep Thinking

If you saw the link below to Paul Sullivan's article, perhaps you read a very interesting discussion of the Cubs leadoff concerns. One very interesting quote from Todd Walker stood out:

"(Korey's asking to move to leadoff) was probably after they came to him first. If they come up to me...… I don't feel like it's my job [to ask]. It's [Baker's] job. I give him a lot of credit for what he knows, and he has theories way beyond my opinions.


I've learned that even though you may have certain opinions on things, Dusty is more knowledgeable than most people give him credit for. I'm getting on base, and that's the important thing. Corey can flat out carry a team. He's a great player. But right now he's not playing like he's capable. (Friday's game with Scott Podsednik sparking the Sox) was a perfect example of the difference a leadoff guy can affect a game."

Knowing Todd's history, this borders on calling the manager dumb. And good for him trying to upgrade the team's lineup by calling out Korey in the media.

Makes me sick to think what the Cubs would have done years ago if only guys like Mark Grace were willing to say things like this.

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