Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Floaters and Sinkers

The Suntimes' Mike Kiley trots out a list of potential trade targets for the Cubs today. Most of them make little sense. The first name is Austin Kearns. Let me saw two words on Austin Kearns.

Please, no.

The stats on Kearns show a disturbing trend during his four years in the league. Check these stats out:

Kearns has lost points in all four categories each year. And not just a few points. He's lost close to 100 points PER CATEGORY! When you add in the high price the Reds would charge to trade him within the division, you come to one conclusion: Pass.

Moises Alou is also mentioned, but beyond having seen this act and no one wanting to shake his hand were he to be re-welcomed to the clubhouse, he also has a contract for next year at over $6 million. That won't fly.

Preston Wilson in the Trib gets a glossing over by Paul Sullivan. Isn't he just an older, more expensive, slightly improved Korey?

Let's hope Jim Hendry can do better than what the papers can come up with. After all, if he can't, he shouldn't have the job and the newspaper guys could do it.

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