Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Here's The Story

According to my source that has a source high up in Tribune Tower, the trade talks for Gary Sheffield are, indeed, legitimate. The Yankees have supposedly offered Sheffield in exchange for Sergio Mitre, Korey Patterson, and Todd Wellemeyer.

That's a heavy price considering you need to make another move to replace centerfield. Wellemeyer's been pitching well. You need him considering half the bullpen is useless (Bartosh, Remlinger, Borowski).

And Mitre's value just went through the roof.

The source also claims that the centerfield replacement would be Kenny Lofton.

Now, this I doubt. Philly ain't giving Lofton up cheap. Unless you can pry Lofton away for a Mike Remlinger, I can't see the second half happening.

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