Saturday, June 25, 2005

He's On Fire!

One of the nice things about Comcast Sports Net is their re-runs of the day's Cubs game. Tonight, I got to listen to the Harrelson-Jackson call of a portion of the game (it's still on as I type).

In the 4th, Korey drove in a run with a fielder's choice grounder. The next at bat saw Neifi Perez launch a drive to the warning track that Jermaine Dye caught (with a little unnecessary, Edmonds-esque leap for show) to end the inning. I saw this play this afternoon, live.

Tonight, on the replay, I got to hear Darrin Jackson's call of the play. DJ said that Korey ran back to the bag on the catch. "He didn't know how many outs there were!" said DJ.

This kid is so messed up, you begin to wonder if there's something off the field that's affecting him.

Paul Sullivan confirms this.

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