Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Post-game last night on WSCR had raving assbag George Offman going back and forth with Joe Bartosh about the future of Korey Patterson. Offman said that their was no way the Cubs would trade him due to his potential (what are your appraisals of John Theirry and Alonzo Spellman, George?). Mike Murphy and Bartosh avoided calling him loony by respectfully disagreeing.

Bartosh then cited the "trade rumor that I know you've (Offman) heard about." Offman dismissed this. Murph pressed for details. Bartosh then chimed in that there were Juan Pierre rumors afloat.

After my mini-coronary from excitement, I had another from the depression that set in. I realzied that Offman was right.

Pierre's going nowhere until after this year.

But it is interesting that the Pierre's name was floated, even off the record.

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