Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Like A Piece of Glass

Let's be very clear about where this team is right now.

They don't win enough at home to be a real factor in the race.

They have a losing record on this homestand. They can do no better than 5-4 on the homestand, although the pitching matchups make a 2 game winning streak less likely than a 4 game losing streak. They were 6-4 on their last homestand when they should have been no worse than 7-3. The road trip success masked a bunch of flaws with this team and got its fan base all riled up.

Pyrites, I tells ya'.

They are still well within range to make a run at this. Until the offense can be upgraded, the only hope is that the other teams in the Wild Card hunt don't take off and run away. It's unlikely that they will. The ball is in Jim Hendry's wheel house. Will he swing and make contact?

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