Thursday, June 02, 2005

Reversing Course

I fully expected this to be a diatribe about Korey again and the shameful at bat he had with runners on second and third and less than two outs. I was gonna go on and on and on about how this had cost the team the game. That even a ground ball to the right side or a sac fly would have given the Cubs seven runs for the game and salted away a sweep. I fully expected the bullpen to give up a 6th run and ruin the evening (or early morning as it had become). I expected a heartbreaking loss in the 9th or in extra innings.

Why do that when you have this man to praise?
More importantly, the Cubs did something unexpected. They played beyond expectations. Expectations were for the Cubs to win one game in the Dodgers series. Instead, they won two "extra" games.

This is what good teams do.

I am not yet ready to revive the parrot, despite the Cubs now being only 1 game (in the loss column) out of the wild card slot. Expectations for the road trip were 3 wins. So far, they've met expectations.

Knock off the Padres twice and perhaps we can find a way to reanimate dead tissue. The biggest problem is that the Cubs best pitcher (Zamboni) is going to face Jake Peavy on Sunday.

This is gonna be a tough series. And it may be the defibrillator for the season.

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