Wednesday, June 29, 2005


With Ronny Cedeno back, speculation is all over the place as to how much playing time he'll get. The Daily Herald's Bruce Miles suggests that Ronny will only backup, but does use Dusty Baker's quote that, "the way (Ronnie's) playing, will be the shortstop of the future sometime."

Mike Kiley's Sun Times piece suggests that Cedeno will get more playing time than we all think. But Kiley has nothing hard to back up this guess. Well, other than the logic that, "(Neifi) Perez has appeared to be worn down a little lately, and the increasingly hot days will take their toll on him." And that Neifi has been in a slump that's seen his OBP fall to near-Pattersonian levels. But sometimes Dusty defies logic, no?

The Trib takes no angle, other than to remind us that Nomar Garciaparra is still under contract.

The other big "news" is Kerry Wood's return. While this page is happy to see anyone get healthy, Wood's history suggests that 6 innings, 71 pitches and 1 hit shout-out ball is not what's going to be on display. More like 4 innings of 3 run, 4 walk ball is what we'll get to see.

The real news related to Wood is, "who goes?" It's one of Joe Borowski, Mike Remlinger, Will Ohman, Sergio Mitre or Roberto Novoa.

My money's on Borowski unless a trade is swung for Billy Bob Remlinger.

WSCR is reporting that Joe Borowski has been released.

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