Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Thanks, Teach!

Today is the last day on the job for the superintendent of my school district, Harry Rossi. The Trib has a great profile of him (if you have the actual paper, the article is on page 1 of section 2, complete with his picture wearing his #30 Cubs jersey).

Despite graduating from the district in 1981, I never knew Dr. Rossi until I became active in the district's board. At the time I was in junior high, he was the principal at the grade school my sister attended. Right after I finished high school, he became the superintendent of District 30.

From what I learned while talking to board members from other districts when I attended the Illinois Association of School Boards training program, we are extremely lucky to have a highly successful and quiet district. No small part of that is due to Dr. Rossi's efforts.

He will be missed.

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