Thursday, June 30, 2005


The back and forth over Preston Wilson is kind of interesting. If you read through the articles, what's going on becomes clear.

The Trib's story throws cold water on the situation. The Cubs are "unwilling to meet the Rockies' demands," pens Paul Sullivan. Those demands are Todd Wellemeyer, Ronny Cedeno and the assumption of $4 million of Wilson's salary.

The Daily Herald makes it pretty clear that Colorado has leaked the particulars in an effort to raise Wilson's profile and drum up interest.

But the good stuff in both the Herald and the Sun Times' report is that Hendry is getting PO'ed that everything is becoming public.

Here's what's happened. Hendry called to see what Wilson's price would be. Colorado said, "Cedeno, Wellemeyer and 4 large." Hendry laughed and said that he'd call back at 2 PM on the 31st of July to see if that price was still the same. Colorado, worrying that the Cubs were the only option, told their beat writers that Cedeno and Wellemeyer were the names being discussed.

Bottom line: Don't worry about losing Cedeno for Wilson. Don't worry about Wilson batting with Korey to strikeout 9 times per game. And if Hendry wants to trade for a Wilson, I'd suggest this guy over Preston.

There's no crying in baseball!

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