Wednesday, June 15, 2005

What Does THIS Mean?

Hidden under a headline about Jerome Williams, Dusty unleashes this curious nugget:

Although Kerry Wood is expected back in the rotation by the end of the month and Mark Prior could follow a couple weeks after that, Baker said it's not a given Sergio Mitre will be taken out of the rotation after both pitchers return.

"He knows and we know that if he pitches well, whether Prior and Wood come back or not, we'll try to find a spot for him," Baker said.

Now, Paul Sullivan suggest that it could mean that Glendon Rusch could be headed to the bullpen. That sounds wrong to me. I'd think that Dusty would want to keep one of his most effective, and only left handed, starters in the rotation.

Could Dusty be sending a signal to someone in the rotation that you are on notice? If he is sending a signal, who could that be? It's not Z or Maddux. It's not Mitre because he's the guy that for whom room is being created. If Rusch stays in the rotation, then it's gotta be either Prior or Wood that would leave the rotation. I'd venture it's obvious which one of those guys would go. And that would be via trade, I'd think.


Then again, Dusty had Rusch in the pen to start the season. I suppose he could put him back there. Still, very curious.

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