Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What Will he Say Next

"Basically, [the advice from Vince Coleman] was for me to take advantage of what I have," Patterson said of the advice. "Put yourself in the right situation to help yourself and this team, and go from there. Things don't always work out, but that doesn't mean you try to change anything or whatever.

"I came to the conclusion [based on] what we have on this team, and people stealing bases, bunting. I think I possess [these skills] the best to hit leadoff." - Corey Patterson

This guy is unbelievable. I want to hit sixth. I want to hit third. I don't want to hit first. I do want to hit first.

Guess what, Korey? You still swing at the first pitch. You have an OBP of .285! That's not even satisfactory for MAJOR LEAGUE SERVICE!!!!

Send him down, send him away, just don't send him to the plate first where he gets 4 to 5 plate appearances per game.

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