Friday, June 24, 2005

Why Not?

Ole, Beisbol!Yeah, I feel like piling on Korey. I haven't done so all year as I no longer need to sway the masses. They've finally figured out what this page knew years ago.

That said, Korey's been SO bad, it's time for some stats:

Batting Average: .245 - Places him 75th out of 84 qualified (minimum number of at bats) NL batters
OBP: .280 - 80th out of 84 qualified NL batters
Walks: 13 - Tied for 118th out of 118 qualified NL batters
Pitches per At Bat: 3.40 - 77th out of 84 qualified NL batters

This is the guy that wants to hit 3rd 6th 3rd leadoff and Dusty allowed it!

Well, my oldest is only 5 and he has asked me on more than one occasion if he can drive the car. Dear, Dusty. Some advice from one parent to another: Sometimes it's the right thing to say, "No."

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