Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Big Rumor

ESPN 1000's Bruce Levine reported tonight on his 6:05 PM report, that the Cubs have had enough of Korey Patterson. Barring a huge next game or two, Korey is headed to Iowa to get himself straightened out.

This report means several things:

1) The Cubs indicated this to Korey some time ago, probably around the time they benched him for two games. They are leaking it public now because the decision on him is immanent.

2) Korey's trade value is zero. You would think that there is no way they send Korey down because it would send a signal to the other teams in baseball that Korey's value is minimal. Well, sending him down means the Cubs have already explored trades and there are no takers! What takers there might be are offering garbage.

3) The Cubs can't send Korey down unless he clears waivers. Right? Well, that they are leaking to the press that management is ready to send him down means he has already cleared waivers.

With his 1-4 tonight with a K and a popup, I expect Korey to be in Iowa by Monday.

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