Friday, July 22, 2005

Buying and Crashing

Despite the last two days of collapsing, the Cubs should still be a buyer. Bruce Miles does yeoman's work in today's Daily Herald and suggests that Austin Kearns should be the guy. Oh, and don't miss the last line of the article.

Call me unconvinced about Kearns. His three hits yesterday had more to do with the Cubs' bullpen than it did Kearns' ability. In case you misunderstand, please remember that Jeff Blauser was considered a good signing because he hit well in Wrigley.

Regardless, the Cubs need to buy for 2006. They need to prevent the 2005 version of Scott Rolen haunting them for the next three years in Houston or St. Louis. If that means that a losing team sends away prospects for Billy Wagner, Austin Kearns and Juan Pierre, so be it.

And speaking of crashing, if the Cubs get swept by the Cardinals, look for me to win my second bet with Al.

Speaking of Al

I just wanted to welcome him to the "Reality Based Community."

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