Monday, July 18, 2005

Couch is Spot On

In what is probably the best column of his career, Greg Couch lays out the theory espoused here ad infinitum. Key graph:

The Marlins are in the same spot as the Cubs, only without fans or revenue. And they supposedly are considering selling Juan Pierre, who would be a dream leadoff hitter for the Cubs. Let's say the Cubs dump prospects for him. They go on an instant run for the wild card, right?

But if they don't make it after trading for Pierre, then what have they lost? A bunch of prospects? And they'd have Pierre for next year, after he turns 28.

The last batch of surefire position-playing prospects for the Cubs was Hee Seop Choi, now a mediocre first baseman for the Dodgers; Corey Patterson, now in Des Moines; and Bobby Hill, now a utility player for the Pirates. Occasionally, a former Cubs prospect develops for another team, but that's worth the risk.

Absolutely. The Cubs must be buyers. Even if they don't win this year, they cannot let more guys slip right past them to other teams. Where is this team today in terms of titles if they trade for Scott Rolen in 2002? Sign Jim Thome in 2003? Sign Miguel Tejada in 2004? Trade for Carlos Beltran in 2004?

Juan Pierre is back on the Wish List. Pie for Pierre is OK with me. And get Wagner, too.

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