Saturday, July 02, 2005

Dow Jonesing

Seventy-nine games in. Two games short of the midpoint. So what has this team accomplished?

1 seven game win streak.
1 four game win streak.
3 three game win streaks.

On the flip:

1 seven game losing streak.
1 four game losing streak.
3 three game losing streaks (one of which is currently in progress).

Is there any wonder this is team is 1 game over .500? I suspect that's only because of the odd number of games played. They HAVE to be one side or the other.

Anyone who tells you that this team hasn't shown their true colors, or only needs to get healthy, or needs to keep the faith, needs to wake up and take a look at this team.

It is not playoff caliber. As we told you before the season started.

Is it fixable within the next 85 games? Sure. All that's needed is a new left fielder, centerfielder and shortstop.

What's frustrating is that this was known back in April for SS and earlier for LF and CF. What's even more frustrating is that this team has blown 18 games of schedule and 5 games on .500 since their peak. That gets harder and harder to recover as the days slip by.

But what's the most frustrating is that the guy in charge either doesn't know this, or DOES knows this and has done NOTHING.

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