Monday, July 11, 2005

Just Aces

Check this passage from a Trib article on how Adam Greenberg recovered from his beaning.

Kerry Wood and Mark Prior stayed in the trainer's room after the game to help Greenberg get through the initial stages of the injury, and Wood offered to stay in Greenberg's room Saturday night to keep tabs on him.

It was a gesture that clearly touched the 24-year-old rookie.

"One of the trainers asked who would stay in my room, and [Wood] said, 'I'll stay, I'll stay,'" Greenberg said.

It sounds like the medical staff wre afraid of a concussion and needed someone to keep waking Greenberg up. Kudos to a couple of millionaire athletes who could have ignored a brand new rookie.

I may get on Kerry Wood, the pitcher, but you'll never see me get on Kerry Wood the person.

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