Friday, July 15, 2005


ESPN Radio's national morning show picked up on what must be this column from Carol Slezak. Contacting Mark Cuban via e-mail, she got him to comment on the possibility of one day owning the Cubs. Why would she ask him that? Well, he's in town to sing the Seventh Inning Stretch at Wrigley.

Is there any evidence beyond this that the Cubs are for sale?


Now, I'd love to see the Trib sell the team to someone with very deep pockets who has a tremendous ego. The Trib has the deep pockets, but they lack the Ted Turner type who is willing to spend to massage his ego at all costs. Is Cuban that guy? Double yes with cheese. But before they sell to Mark Cuban, I'd like to see them sell to someone from Chicago. Someone who understands this city and its people.

"The Cubbies are such an institution, if they became available (to buy), it would certainly be exciting to consider," says Cuban. This guy is from Pennsylvania who grew up a Pirates fan and now resides in Texas. He doesn't get the Cubs and their fans. He's interested because owning the Cubs would be cool.

No thanks. Stay in the NBA where no one pays attention, please.

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