Thursday, July 14, 2005

Must Happen Events

Pessimism runs wild at Ivy Chat. But you want a positive outlook? OK. Here are five things the Cubs must do to get back in the race and make that Parrot reanimated:

1) Home wins – The Cubs are 21-21 at home. That won't cut it. This team cannot afford to lose any more series at Wrigley. With only 39 games left in the Confines, anything less than 27 home wins will be fatal.

2) Keep it even on the road - The Cubs are one under away from home. That's fine so long as they don't start to slip much under that. With trips remaining to Phily, Shea, Pac Bell, St. Loser (2) and the Juice Box (2), anything much under 18 wins will also be fatal.

3) Murder da' Bums - Ten games against Cinci, 9 against Pittsburgh, 3 against Colorado and 3 against Milwaukee remain. I'd say that a team that thinks playoffs should knock off about 17 wins here.

4) Add several players - While Nomar Garciaparra would be a bonus, Jim Hendry needs to make multiple big moves. An outfield upgrade is needed to bat in the middle of the order and a bullpen piece is needed to take some pressure off of Ryan Dempster. This page has not hidden its desire for Billy Wagner. Moving Dempster to setup and having the lefty-righty option of Dempster with Wagner is just dreamy.

5) Play defense in trading - Not only do the Cubs need to add players, they need to prevent other teams from acquiring players. Where are the Cubs in 2003 if they get Ugueth Urbina? I don't know, but he's not helping Florida. Same goes with 2004 and the Carlos Beltran/Houston fiasco.

I find it hard to imagine the Cubs doing ANY of these 5. Prove me wrong, guys. Sweeping Pitt would be a good start. But, knowing this team, 2-2 is the probable outcome.

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