Friday, July 15, 2005

New Slots

It sounds like WSCR is going to move Boers and Burnstein to the 2-6 PM slot as soon as September. They have the best show on the station and the current 2-6 slot is a waste of time. While I like Brian Hanley in small doses, Mike Mulligan comes off as a pre-pubescent cheerleader and Doug Buffone needs a drool towel.

What remains unsaid is who would fill in the vacated 10 to 2 slot? It could be Mike Murphy as he's just has his contract extended and, with the White Sox joining the station next year, Murph will be preempted a lot.

But that also seems unlikely as Murph's show tends to go more toward whacky angles and conspiracy theories. There's already plenty of that on AM radio middays of the non-sports variety.

I'd guess that WSCR goes in a new direction. Some new hires.

If I can suggest some names, go get Bruce Wolf and Garry Meier.

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