Friday, July 08, 2005

Nice Work

Bruce Miles does an excellent job of calling out Dusty Baker's approach in today's Daily Herald. While the rest of the article looks a little familiar, that the MSM is now starting to publicly ridicule Dusty is only good for us fans.

I don't think Dusty finishes the season with the team. If you start seeing articles like these in the Trib, Dusty is a goner.

Not in my delivered paper, but available on-line is this piece by Phil Rogers. In the piece, Rogers calls out both Hendry and Baker. He also blames (incorrectly) Baker for Chad Fox's injury. Regardless of whose fault Fox's bad arm is, the suits in Trib Tower won't respond kindly to public declaration that of one of their employees (Baker) possibly destroyed a valuable operating asset (Fox).

I'll be shocked if Dusty finishes the month in Cubbie Blue.

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