Sunday, July 31, 2005

On the Matt

So, the Cubs go out and pick up Matt Lawton. First, we still don't know who was traded in exchange. Rumors persist that it is Jody Gerut. If this pans out, the trade needs to be evaluated as 25 year old Jason DuBois for 33 year old free-agent-to-be Lawton.

Not great, not bad.

Lawton sure seems to be a Felix Pie stop gap. If the Cubs are convinced Pie is ready for 2006, Lawton isn't back. If Pie needs another year, then Lawton will be resigned.

But this move still stinks of lost opportunities. This is a trade that needed to be made in February. Instead of starting the year with a legit leadoff hitter, Jim Hendry has saddled his team with making up 5 games and leapfrogging 5 teams in less than 60 games.

Forgive me if my excitement is stiffled.

ESPN confirms that it is Gerut for Lawton.

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