Friday, July 29, 2005


This site tends to project forward rather than look back, but a few points in yesterday's game deserve a rewiew. While attending the game (the guest of one of our regular talkbackers here), Dusty Baker was out-managed by our host. And these were first guesses, not second.

Sixth inning: Jody Gerut enters the game as part of a double switch with Will Ohman replacing Matt "Little Big Red" Murton and Jerome Williams. Says the host: "Why double switch? The pitcher's spot is now eight at bats away. No way Ohman lasts that long. And now, your batter hitting .500 is out of the game!"

Result: Ohman gives up two runs in the 7th and is replaced before he ever came to bat.

Sixth inning: Gerut doubles. Jerry Hairston sacrifices Gerut to third. Both host and guest scream that this is stupid. The sac bunt doesn't avoid a double play and forces the rookie, Cedeno, to deliver. Additionally, Hairston could have hit to the right side and achieved the same result, but still retained the possibility of generating a base hit.

Result: Cedeno whiffs. Lee gets the 4 finger OBP enhancer. A Ram's loose jersey and an inside pitch earns a base. Barrett, reverting to his pre-Florida series performances, taps out to third.

Always fun to be smarter than a four million dollar per year tax cheat.

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