Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Roundtable Roundup

Of all the responses over at The Cub Reporter, this is the only one that made me want to stick a branding iron in my eye sockets:

Q: Speaking of the management, is Dusty helping or hindering this team? Is he doing his job? What kind of future does he have with the organization, and what kind of future would he have if you were pulling the strings?

A: I'm a Dusty Baker fan and always have been. Remember that the Cubs won in 2003 in part despite his wacky lineups and bullpen choices.


Prediction: the Cubs go on a tear starting the 2nd half, and Baker is given a two-year contract extension.

Good old, Al. What is he smoking? He admits Dusty was negligent in 2003 and that's a reason to keep him? Because the negligence didn't hurt?

But, hey. Maybe I'm the dope. Maybe Dusty deserves to stay. Well, I've summarized what the other TCR posters said to answer the question:

Rob – Gone "long term".
Brent – Out at end of contract
John – Hendry won’t fire him, "yet." Readers don't know how long "yet" is.
Ruz – Dusty needs to go, but no comment on when to expect that.
Derek – Out at end of contract
Joe – Out at end of 2005 season
Alex – Finishes contract. Possible extension to 2012 if 92 wins achieved in 2006.
Scott – "Needs to go." No opinion on if he actually will go.
Whipple – Gone if it was Whipple’s choice. No opinion on if he actually will go.
Mitterwald – Let him finish contract and decide then.
Phil – Wants Dusty gone and new manager for 2006. No opinion on if he actually will go.
Geiser – Fired in October
10Man – Wants Dusty gone now. No opinion on if he actually will go.

Me? I said Baker would be gone by 8/1/05.

So, only one person suggests extension. And I think he was joking.

Come on, Al. You're too smart for this.

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