Friday, July 29, 2005


For those of you who seem to think that if the Cubs just keep winning every series that they'll make the playoffs, think again. Let's say the Cubs win every three game series left on the schedule 2 games to 1, and split every 2 or 4 game series evenly.

Well, there are thirteen 3-game series left on the schedule. If they win the next three against Arizona, go 2-1 in each of those and .500 in the remaining 18 games (4 series of 4 games, 1 series of 2 games), that will put them at 18 games over .500. That equates to an even 90 wins.

That won't be enough wins to make the playoffs.

And, even if you think it is, are you foolish enough to think that this Cubs' team can win every road series? Phily, Mets, Houston, Colorado, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Milwaukee? Of course not. There will be some losing series.

That means, the only way to win is to start sweeping.

If you believe that a 5-2 homestand against Arizona and San Fran is "Mission Accomplished," you are a lost soul. 5-2 is holding steady. Progress is required. That means 6-1 or 7-0 at some point.

Not with this lineup. No way, no how.

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