Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Stepping Out

Because I don't skim the Daily Herald over the weekend, I missed this huge article from Bruce Miles (hat tip: Fire Dusty Baker.com).

This backs up what I heard via a well-known Chicago sportscaster -- that Dusty is on life support. I heard that, had Dusty and the Cubs lost game 1 in Miami, Hendry was all set to find a new manager. By no means do I think that winning three straight earns Dusty anything more than a short lifeline.

With the arrival of Matt Murton, Adam Greenberg and the impending arrival of Felix Pie, many of you, like me, worry if a Dead Manager Walding Dusty will play these kids. Miles touches that subject:

To replace Patterson and Dubois, Hendry took the bold step of bringing up a pair of kids from Class AA ball: outfielders Matt Murton and Adam Greenberg.

It will be interesting to see how much playing time this pair gets under Baker, who only grudgingly gives regular playing time to young players.

The fate of the Hendry-Baker relationship could turn on this issue.

Don't believe what Miles is saying? Check this quote from Hendry the night Patterson was sent down:

"Dusty will write the lineup," Hendry said. "But we're in a situation where hopefully they [Murton and Greenberg] will give us a spark."

If that's not a message from Hendry to Dusty on what to do, I don't know what is. When the Cubs return on Thursday, the most exciting thing about the Cubs may simply be the lineup.

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