Wednesday, July 06, 2005

There Are Always Possibilities

I'm sure you all saw this lineup that was washed away last night:

1. Perez SS
2. Macias 2B
3. Walker 1B
4. Ramirez 3B
5. Hollandsworth LF
6. Burnitz RF
7. Barrett C
8. Patterson CF
9. Prior P

There are four possible reasons for this disgusting display of what was supposed to be a public, professional entertainment event.

A) Dusty Baker knew the game was going to be rained out and made this public to earn some brownie points with Perez and Macias. He really had no intention of playing this lineup.

B) Dusty is trying to embarrass Jim Hendry by showcasing the 25 man roster that Jim has saddled him with. It's now clear that, were Dusty GM, Sammy and Alou would have returned. As they are not here, Dusty is playing his guys, and not Jim's. They would be Hairston, DuBois and Ronny Cedeno.

C) Dusty is trying to get himself fired. A few more games out of first, and he will be. Trying to lose is a sure way to accomplish this goal.

D) Dusty is now certifiably insane.

I go with B, but any of the four are possible. Am I missing anything?

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