Friday, July 29, 2005

Trades and Windbags

Generally, you can't link to a Jay Mariotti column without saying that he's a bloviating bladder of hot air. But, today, he's right on. His opinion on the Cubs and the booing is 100% correct. It's just...

Wasn't this yesterday's news? Why did he wait a day to comment? Could it be that he heard WSCR's Boers and Burnstein and their callers rip Dusty for a few hours yesterday and then Jay decided that he'd better chime in? With opinions that would agree with everything that he heard?

Would a windsock like Jay do that?


Then there's this rumored trade for Alfonso Soriano. Getting him for left field wouldn't be the worst thing, but it wouldn't help that much, either. Where does he bat in the order? Can't lead him and his .315 OBP off (his OBP has declined for the third straight year). Perhaps second, but that gets another low OBP guy infront of Lee and Ram. I suppose he could go 5th, after Ram and before Burnitz. But his speed would seem to be waisted.

I'd rather see a three way deal with A Sor going to the Mets and Cliff Floyd coming home.

But even that won't be enough. Bullpen help is "must need" as well.

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