Monday, July 11, 2005

Very Statisfying

Cubs 2005 season to date: In 3,227 plate appearences, the Cubs have struck out 524 times (a rate of 16.2% of the time) and walked 226 times (a rate of 7.0%).

In the just concluded series, in 127 plate appearances, the Cubs struck out 22 times (a rate of 17.3% of the time) and walked 17 times (a rate of 13.4%).

Season to date, their strikeout to walk ratio is 2.32. For the Marlins series, it was 1.29.

This leads to one question. Who are these guys? Corey CAN'T have had THAT much of an effect on the ratios.

P.S. Brian: I guess our bet about Corey getting to 170 Ks is off. I don't see any way he gets to 625 at bats. He was on a 160+ pace, but that was accelerating. It would have been very close.

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