Monday, August 08, 2005

All Aboard!

As the Cubs continue to lose steam, the "Dusty Express" heading out of town continues to gain steam. Think Jim Hendry's vote of confidence puts the matter to rest? Think again. The Sun Times has an article today that contains this nugget:

"What I would like to happen to quiet some people is sign my coaches and let us know we are going to have continuity of leadership going into next year." - Dusty Baker

This is know as "throwing a lifeline." Baker, the ultimate loyalty guy, seems to know his gig is up. He's trying to get his staff locked in salaries for next year.

Additionally, he's setting up the excuse he needs to walk away. Imagine what happens after, say, Larry Rothchild is not retained.

"Well, dude. Last year they got rid of Wendell Kim on my. Now they make me lose Larry. That's uncool. I need to have the staff I want. I'm not working in a place that doesn't let me have my guys."

Can't you just see that?

He's going. Too bad it costs another year of losing.

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