Monday, August 01, 2005

"I never saw a game like this in my life!"

That was how Harry Caray finished the broadcast of the "Sandberg Game." WGN just finished re-playing the radiocast of that game.

You know what happened while I listened? I realized how much I missed Haray Caray. Not the Harry from the end. The pre-stroke Harry. He was phenomenal. You could picture exactly what you were missing.

But many broadcasters do that. Why was Harry so good? What set him apart? I figured it out earlier tonight. When his team made a bad play, he let you know it. How? You could hear the disgust in his voice. Disgust.

How refreshing to hear that.

Pat Hughes does a decent game, but when the Cubs screw up he lets the sound of disappointment ring through. That's OK sometimes, but there are many times when the Cubs screw up badly -- like this year just about every game -- where disappointment isn't the proper emotion real fans feel. We feel disgusted when players play like idiots.

Harry was our voice. Fans need that voice to embarrass a bad team into being better. Steve Stone was as close as we had left. The Cubs ran him out of town because he interfered with the message that the Tribune wants to portray - that of a cuddly team. We need that voice of disgust back.

Harry, you are missed.

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