Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Logic Problems

Our good friend Al scribbled this yesterday:

The fact is, this team just doesn't have what it takes. It does have talent. There's no doubt about it. But there's no leader -- it's rudderless. Nomar could be a leader, but he's hardly been healthy enough to do so. Derrek Lee is too quiet, and so is Aramis Ramirez. You'd think Michael Barrett, a catcher, a guy who's in on every play, could do so, but he doesn't seem interested.


And I'll say it again -- firing Dusty Baker now, or even at the end of the season, is not the answer to this ballclub's problems.

The answer is for Jim Hendry to sit down at the end of the season, with checkbook in hand, with $40 million off the payroll, and with no Sosa Circus to distract him, and to construct a ballclub that can win. This one wasn't built that way.

So, a rudderless team, doesn't need a new manager? Isn't that EXACTLY WHAT A MANAGER IS FOR?!?!?!?! To BE A RUDDER?!?!?!?!

Then again, the talent is so strong that the general manager needs to spend $40 million in payroll to improve the talent?

It's pretty simple. If the team has talent, then Dusty needs to go as he's not doing his job. If the team doesn't have talent, them Jim Hendry needs to go as he vastly overspent on poor players.

It's impossible for this to be a talented team without direction, yet needs $40 million in new talent and does not need a new manager.

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