Monday, August 01, 2005

Non-Denial Denials

The "Dusty to the Dodgers" story was picked up by all the local papers. Dusty did little to quell any speculation that he wants out of Chicago.

"I mean, LA, that's kind of out there, and these sources, there's always a source someplace saying something. It seems like I'm in more rumors than somebody in Hollywood or something. Know what I mean?" Baker said.

Nothing in there says the rumors are untrue.

"I've got a year and some change (left) on my contract. I've never not honored a contract in my entire life." far

"I don't renegotiate contracts. I've never done that."

Read: I don't want an extension.

"...this is the first time, well, since I was a player, that I had a contract over two years, and most of that was my choice."


Dusty wants out. Jim Hendry should grant him his wish.

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