Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Pattern Continues

Those of you worried that Matt Murton, Felix Pie, Rich Hill and Ronny Cedeno won't ever get a fair shake need to check out this article in today's Trib. Back in 2003, this page noticed that the Cubs would tip their future moves via the articles that the papers wrote about the team. It was clear then that Hee Seop Choi was not in the club's long term plans.

Well, Matt Lawton isn't in the long term plans now, and Murton et al are.

Murton, Corey Patterson and Ronny Cedeno could be part of the regular lineup in '06, depending in which direction the Cubs ultimately go. Murton and Hill were both in Class A last year but made quick ascensions because of impressive stats and unforeseen openings on the Cubs' roster.

The Cubs may or may not make a waiver deal this year. If they do, I'd be stunned if any of the "high ceiling" guys were included.

The Cubs are going to free $40 million is salary this off-season. With only 2 locks for the rotation next year (Prior and Zamboni), I expect Jim Hendry to use his dollars to bring in some starters. With cheap players in Murton, Hill and Cedeno, Hendry will have plenty of cash to spend.

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