Monday, August 01, 2005

Shut Up And Watch

Chris Troha does a nice job summarizing the "Sandberg Game" that Comcast Sports Net rebroadcast last weekend. What also needs to be added was Bob Costas' call to end the game.

In the 11th, Leon Durham lead off with a walk, stole second and advanced to third on a throwing error. The bases were then loaded with intentional walks bringing Dave Owen, the 20th man the Cubs used in that game, to the plate.

Costas, who had earlier described the game as a "telephone game" (you call your buddy and say, "You have to turn on this game. It's unbelievable!"), made as simple a call as you could ask.

Owens lined a 1-1 pitch into short right. As the ball left the bat, and before it cleared Tommy Herr's head at second, Costas yelled, "That's it!"

And he didn't talk again for another minute.

The pictures told the story. Nothing else was needed.

Today's broadcasters could learn a lot from that game. And Costas should have a job doing baseball every day.

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