Thursday, August 04, 2005

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Everyone else has piled on Michael Barrett already. Let's remind everyone that this is not an isolated incident.

There was the game earlier this year when Barrett threw a ball away trying to get a runner out at third base who was ALREADY OUT.

Last year, many people, including this page, bought into the idea that Barrett's going after Roy Oswalt was a spark given to the Astros right when they were ready to fold.

And don't get me started on how Mark Prior and Greg Maddux don't want to pitch to Barrett.

But the real bottom line is this: Barrett was a guy targeted by the Cubs to acquire for a long time. And by "the Cubs" I mean Jim Hendry. Supposedly, Hendry knew of/about Barrett from Hendry's days coaching at Creighton. Then, Hendry tried to trade for him in 2002 and failed. He succeeded after Barrett hit .208 for the Expos in 2003.

"We've always liked him. Dick Pole was the pitching coach in Montreal in 2002, and Dick has spoken very highly of him." - Cubs general manager Jim Hendry

If you are pissed that the Cubs lost last night, and I am, you can look at the backstop as the reason why. And know that this below average catcher isn't going anywhere as the bossman wanted him, got him, and signed him through 2007.

Hendry seems to be a little obsessed, eh?

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