Friday, August 05, 2005

Time To Speak Out

This needs play in the blogospehere. On his most recent chat, Joe Morgan was asked this:

Travis (Indy): What did you think of Ryan Sandberg's induction speech? I thought there was a good message for players of this era.

Joe's response? Typical:

Joe Morgan: (10:06 AM ET ) I actually didn't get to see the speech but I saw all the reaction to it. Sometimes we have to be careful, myself included, in how we approach today's player and how we deliver a message to them. Sometimes they take it the wrong way and take it as pure criticism as opposed to constructive criticsm. We'll have to wait and see how they take it.

So, Sandberg did a lousy job delivering a message to today's players.

Joe Morgan isn't just a bad broadcaster. He's not just a poor baseball analyst. He's a bitter old man that younger, better players are breaking his records.

He's turning into Milo Hamilton.

Time to start exposing this man for what he is. The blogs did it to Dan Rather. Why not Morgan?

Time for some pure criticism.

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