Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Whining Instead of Winning

Two articles effectively call out two of the biggest babies in the Cubs' clubhouse. First, the Daily Herald adds fuel to the rumors that Carlos Zambrano asked out of his last start in the third inning.

"Tell the fans I never quit. I never, ever quit. They have to kill me on the field. That's not me. The four years I have in the big leagues, you see how I play the game. You see that I like this game. You see that I love this game. That word is never in my mind. Never, ever. I consider myself a warrior. A warrior never quits." - Carlos Zambrano

That Carlos even addresses these rumors suggests a strong amount of truth backing the speculation. Carlos has always had maturity issues. This is just more of the same with him.

But the bigger baby is clearly Korey Patterson. While the Daily Herald article linked above references these quotes, the Trib goes one step further to the point of embarrassing Korey. It seems Korey just doesn't like the media anymore. He used to talk all the time about how he really was a #3 hitter and all he had to do was cut down on his strikeouts.

But a trip to Iowa to try to become just that has resulted in closing the hole in has face.

"I'm really not going into detail," Patterson said of changes in his swing.

Asked if it was a positive experience, he replied: "I really have no comment on that. I just went down there and focused on getting myself into a routine and taking it down there back up here."

Does Patterson have added confidence now?

"I'm not going to comment on that," he said. "I'm just here to do what I've been doing down there, and that's it."

I guess being passed up for a promotion when Jerry Hairston hurt his arm was rather sobering.

If you've only disliked Korey for his on the field performance, it's now time to start disliking him just for being him.

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