Monday, October 03, 2005

Timing Is Everything

So, Dusty Baker won't have his contract extended until next February. Curious. If the Cubs wanted to extend Baker so badly, why wait until after all the managerial job openings have been filled? There are clearly several jobs going to be open this winter. The Tampa and Florida jobs are already open, and the Dodgers job seemingly opens as soon as the World Series is over.

Why would the Cubs wait and not tie up Baker now? Why would they want another team to possibly entice Baker with a longer term deal than the Cubs might offer? The Cubs have already telegraphed their intentions: 2006 plus 2 more years.

Doesn't this mean that if some enterprising team wanted Dusty they have until February to negotiate a 4 year deal with him?

Doesn't it?


It serves the Cubs right that they got to witness two division rivals celebrate right in front of them. For the inspired effort this team put up this year, having opponents dance on your ashes is rather appropriate.

I just want to know what Matt "Surrogate Father" Murton was thinking yesterday as he sat alone in the visitor's dugout at Minute Maid Park. Was he thinking, "Next year, for sure." Or, was it more like, "Crap. I was this close to being on the Red Sox."

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