Tuesday, January 24, 2006

More Interesting Than Just Ivy

Yes, this blog is turning into Market Chat. Didja see the announcement today from CBS, Warner Brothers and Tribune? It seems that the WB and UPN will each cease independent operations and merge into a new, single network called CW.

Ignoring how stupid of a name that is, the side story to this is that Tribune Broadcasting has agreed to a 10-year contract which calls for Trib owned stations to carry CW shows. The details are still to be announced, but this could mean that the Trib could switch KCPQ (Seattle), KTXL Sacramento, WXIN (Indianapolis), WTIC (Hartford), WXMI (Grand Rapids), and WPMT (Harrisburg) from Fox affiliation to WC.

But what does this have to do with the Cubs? Well, with all that content to show on WGN now in the evenings, starting at 7 PM Central time, wouldn't such a contract preclude WGN from showing Cubs games and force them to show Smallville, Everwood, and Veronica Mars?

And with the Cubs gradually INCREASING the number of night games (the bulk of which will be on weeknights), that means fewer games on WGN, right? Doesn't that further reduce the synergy of owning the team and a station to broadcast the games on if you have to reduce the number of games broadcast?

It certainly looks like the starts are aligning for a sale at 1060 West Addison. And that will be good for fans.

Yes, a new owner could do worse than the Trib, but the Trib offers no upside of desiring a winner over profits. That minimizes the chance to win. New ownership offers something that the Trib refuses to give its fans now.


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