Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Here Comes The Whiners

This is going to be a long season. A season of blame games, finger pointing, and lack of personal responsibility for the Cubs. Think not? Then check out the game story from yesterday's spring training game against the World Series Champion White Sox:

Neifi Perez knocked in (a) runner to forge a 4-4 tie, and that's how the Cactus League game ended after Henry Blanco and Michael Restovich failed to drive in pinch runner Ronny Cedeno from third. The Cubs were chagrined to see the Sox refuse to go to the 10th in front of a HoHoKam record crowd of 12,894, claiming no pitchers were available.

"You hate to see it end in a tie," Baker said.

Privately, the Cubs were a little peeved. How can the Sox pitch starter Mark Buehrle for seven innings and not have enough pitchers to go into the 10th after using only three pitchers the whole game? That's what players and coaches were asking in the Cubs' clubhouse. They saw other Sox pitchers in the bullpen and wanted the game to continue at least another inning.

Well, here's a hint. Don't want the game to end in a tie? DRIVE THE RUNNER IN FROM THIRD WITH LESS THAN TWO OUTS!!! All last year they left men on the basepaths like home plate was infected with Bird Flu and now they are angry that the White Sox don't want to play extra innings?

This team is going to make intelligent fans disgusted if they continue to follow the Dusty Baker / "It's Not Your Fault" line of thinking. This not Good Will Hunting and the Cubs can't blame the abuse they get on an alcoholic father. In fact, the alcohol flow at Wrigley is a big part of the reason the Cubs get so much love.

P.S. Now that Japan is the champs of the World Baseball Classic, the White Sox cannot be the World Champs anymore. Only the World Series Champs. At least, that's what I see written in some of the papers these days.

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